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may have been a victim of phone hacking by an investigator working for rupert murdoch's newspapers. more now on the story from bbc's newsnight. >> it is like an entire enemy in system going into violent reaction. suddenly, those he wanted to smile on him find rupert murdoch's -- >> i think they should be focused on clearing goes up rather than on the next corporate moves. >> the affliction spread as other news international paper's are accused of invading the privacy of gordon brown and his family. we have new details on how boredom brown reacted. it happened at the moment of rupert murdoch was supposed to take a bigger role in british life. rumors swirling around a news international this afternoon are that to save the sky deal, rupert murdoch might drop all of his united kingdom newspapers. more accusations that the police were corrected in exchange for information. also, enough air-conditioning to pay for football in the desert. how did a country persuade fifa to have them play the world cup. >> it fits the prejudice that people have in their mind. an arab nation could not have
tell the house about the conversations she had about the bskyb bid with mr. murdoch and rebecca brooks? >> all the details of the meetings and explain all of the conversations were appropriate and she could ask the members of her party to be equally transparent. >> does the prime minister join me in hoping that this is the end of the ever increasing rise of misconduct by police officers across the country? >> the police have to have an operation, have to have a relationship with the media, both at the top level to communicate with the police's right to do strategically, and at the operational level to help them with crime. we have to try to make sure they do not have an inappropriate relationship. >> prime minister, have you ever mentioned the word "bskyb" in the presence of rebecca brooks? >> does not raise serious questions about how the previous limit operated that members opposite thought that it a prepared for the prime minister to be brief on police matters? and the e-mails that were released, didn't show how professional his chief of staff is? >> i thank my hon. friend for putti
, but i think mr. murdoch said it's exactly how it was, but what they collect a decision we all talk together and mr. murdoch was at the time a conference that we all put together. ideal mac >> i'm sorry, rupert murdoch. >> when you're inviting your staff during the private session, there was more to come. could you explain what she meant by that. >> when i went down to the newsroom to explain the decision, clearly and quite rightly the gentleman at "the news of the world" who it then putting out a newspaper under this scrutiny for a long time with great excuses and great pride in their newspaper was very sad and baffled by management decisions to close the paper. but i was saying to them is right now you may not be able to write in this moment understand why we've done it, but as a month -- and i think i said in a years time a yankee will come to the realization that we actually did the right thing. unfortunately, the news of the world used to lead the headlines to the right reasons with cricket. for the last few months has been made in the headlines for the wrong reason. >> that wa
. >> just to respond to a chain said earlier, i wasn't suggesting that murdoch has bee the result of the conspiracy, but i don't think this story would've gotten nearly nearly a much play, wouldn't have blown up in the way it did have militant taken this gamble to d hired with the guardian. i think that gave us the confidence to go and hired. he would not have done that had he not sign some advantage to doing that. >> it had been the most mysterious they come to a conclusion three weeks before these e >> every staggering. from the murdoch point of view -- [inaudible] >> carry on. go for >> we should bear in mind that it was a series of different things. i mean, not only was it the tao li case the following day, the iraq and afghan families. and also -- >> do you mean there is evidence? >> now, no. i mean, the idea that nob come up with any evidence. >> or a mischievous. >>
and these things don't happen again. with hindsight and relationships with murdochs, you want to have a relationship with journalists, editors, broadcasters and propertyors and you do that to have a mission to try and improve our country. you get out and do it and that is what i have done in the last five years. the regret that i have and the problem that we are correctly identifying is because leading politicians feel passionate about wanting to get that across not just with rupert but with every broadcasting organization, we have to ask are they behaving properly. that is the problem. it's not the nature of the interaction. it's the failure to actually ask the fundamental questions about media regulation, media practices and the rest of it and that just isn't relationships with news international but applies to everybody. and i think that's where we need -- and we have an opportunity, a moment toward politicians and media and journalist groups that there are going to be inquiries and going to be difficult, going to come come out with a new way of regulating the press that ensures pr
, perhaps rupert murdoch's goal most widely published person on earth, and people have said that australia has given two people to the world, rupert murdoch and me. begin publishing. [laughter] in some ways, things are very easy for us and for me. we make a promise to sources that if they give us material of a certain type of significance, of diplomatic, historic, or ethical significance, and they are under a certain threat, we will publish it. that is actually and up. we have a goal with publishing material. it has been my long-term believe that what advances of civilization of our entire intellectual record and our understanding, about what we're going through, what human institutions are actually like and how they actually behave. if we are to make rational policy decisions insofar as any policy decisions can be rational, then we have to have information drawn from the real world and a description of the real world. at the moment, we are severely lacking in the information from the interior of the secretive organizations that have such a role in shaping how civilizations you all and how
she is suffering then we will talk about the committee hearing with rupert murdoch to moral. the united states cannot the said it would stop killing pakistani civilians with their drums but we have evidence that says it is wrong. >> host: good evening is britain's biggest and most police force incompetent or corrupt or both? public confidence in the police is rocking after two high-profile resignations and he admits he took some day o working for the mad at the same time reporters if they were only on unthinking terms of made other officers deeply uncomfortable but the. but always it did tangs have lower it is about judgment and but here they're used to be regular meetings between news of the world journalist and stephen sin and john yates to discuss the stories of nine told the relationship was incredibly close. >> of former commissioner met with the executive 18 times in four years but tonight it seems it was much closer than this. >> is there any element of the relationship between the police and the news of the world? that stop them from pursuing the hacking? >> the man
murdoch was the 24th member of the cabinet? >> i'm sure that lance will be available. i have to say the book he wrote about the last government is one the most depressing things i've ever read. >> if the will of the evening is carried and news international were to withdraw the bid for bskyb what steps would they take to persuade murdoch to do the decent thing? >> as i've tried to explain, i think the government has a responsibility to act within the law. we have to deal with each merger, acquisition, and process. that's what my friend has to do. tonight they are going to express an opinion. that opinion will be heated. >> roughly, the prime minister sated -- stated and will tell the house whether they have been in contact to express the opinion about views international and whether they are trying to investigate the company for possible breaches? >> i haven't had any contact with any u.s. politicians about this issue. and, you know, i haven't had that contact. >> there are thousands of families thrown back to a involved one death. would the prime minister ensure to have conversatio
corp. chairman rupert murdoch and his son james will testify in the house of commons about the allegations on tuesday. there will be joined by rebekah brooks who resigned last week. on sunday, she was arrested and questioned about her knowledge of phone hacking and police bribery at news of the world. live coverage and 9:30 a.m. eastern. the house rules committee met to debate deficit-reduction legislation that the republicans are calling cut, cap, and balance. president obama has issued a veto threat for the measure. it requires congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution as a condition for raising the federal debt ceiling. the full house will pick up the legislation to more appeared to technical problems, we rejoin our coverage in process. >> i think it rose red meat to the extreme right wing of the republican party. over the last several weeks, the white house and congressional leaders from both parties have been in negotiations, trying to figure out a way to get by this impasse. here we are getting close to the day, and rather than trying to figure
berlusconi lives in italy, but murdoch is not resident in this country. he does not pay tax here and has never appeared before the select committee of this house. no other organization would allow one man in monopoly on sports rates, for newspapers, and most movies. america, the home of the aggressive entrepreneur, does not allow it. we should not. i should to say about the proposed takeover of sky that it should be put on ice while the police investigation is ongoing. the executive and non-executive directors have failed to tackle criminality in the country, and it should be in doubt whether some of these are fit and proper people to run a media company. there are many other questions. who is paying? is it news international? what did rebecca weighed -- wade and others know, and when did they know it? why has so much material suddenly appeared in the news international archive? i do not want to get very partisan, but i think there is one question that does remain. did the prime minister ever ask what really went on at news of the world before he appointed an editor to work at no. 10 dow
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10